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you take the first download of 4NetPlayers.

on the side just scroll down, click "I Agree" to download and install it and you have it ....

start TS ² and then click at the top "connection".
Then "Connect" and "right click" to "Server".
"Add Server" and then the name, that you can easy remember for the Server.
Then type in "Server Adress" the Number or Adress of the Server in, and in "nickname" the name under which you will be recognized in
TS ²
"Login Name" and "User Password" do you need for a registration.
But sometimes the server also has an entire password that is valid for Unregistered. Type it just in "User Password" and leavy "Login Name" empty.
Then at the bottom right click on "Connect" and you're in it ^ ^

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